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What PIN code?

To sign up and access any of our edu apps, a PIN code is required. Your PIN will only be used to verify your identity before and after signup and for affiliate purposes.

How do I get my PIN code?

You can make your purchase online by simply following this payment link. You will receive the PIN Code via your email instantly.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay offline, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp at 07032803128. We will gladly assist you with the offline payment process and ensure that your PIN Code is sent to you via WhatsApp or SMS.

What happens after my PIN code expires?

If your PIN expires and you still want to access our edu apps, you only need to buy a new PIN code.

How do I refer someone?

When you become a registered member, you will see an affiliate URL on your dashboard. Click on it and locate your Referral URL.

Copy the link and share it with friends. You can also use the share button on any of our web apps. If someone clicks the link and registers, you will receive ₦500.

You can see your earnings on the dashboard.

What is Remunerative Earning?

Remunerative earnings are money earned from engaging in other activities aside from referring someone. Your remunerative earnings are visible on your withdrawal page. Read more here

If my PIN code expires, will I still get paid for those I referred?

Only active members get paid. If your PIN code expires and you have a pending referral payment, you won’t get paid.

I've been paid but I'm still seeing "We are processing your payment"

“We are processing your payment” will be removed after 72 hours. This prevents multiple payment requests within a short time frame.