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Nigeria Institutions Offering International Relations Degree Course
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International Relations is one of the most popular degree course in Nigeria and it is evidence based on the number of institutions offering this course. The admission rate for International Relations is typically around 30-40%, but it can differ between different institutions. Some institutions have a higher acceptance rate, whereas others might have a lesser one. The rate of acceptance is greatly affected by factors such as the course’s popularity, its competitiveness, and the reputation of the school itself.

Depending on the institution, this course can be covered with different depths and focuses. This course explores the complex relationships between nations and international organizations. It covers the historical, political, economic, and cultural factors that shape international relations, and examines key issues such as security, diplomacy, trade, and human rights. Students will learn how to analyze and evaluate international events and policies.

Check out International Relations related courses. This is very useful especially if you are yet to make a choice of what to study or if the competition for this course is not what you expect.

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20 Nigerian higher institutions offering International Relations:

Now to the main focus of this page. There are the list schools offering this course. It is a mix of federal, state and public schools. Only NUC approved institutions are on this list. If you are certain that an institution is missing on this list, submit “Missing Query” and get paid. You can also search for courses offered by any school using the course finder search form above. (This way you can get all undergraduate courses offered by a particular school). Prospective students should connect with current or former students, and consider personal aspirations and goals to ensure the chosen institution aligns with their educational needs. Moreover, do a further research to ensure that this course is still currently been offered and accredited in the school of your choice.

  • Lead City University
  • Mcpherson University
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Wellspring University
  • Tansian University
  • Bayero University Kano
  • Covenant University
  • Gregory University
  • Bowen University
  • Baze University
  • Achievers University
  • Landmark University
  • University Of Ibadan
  • Joseph Ayo Babalola University
  • Caleb University
  • Kings University Unikings
  • Godfrey Okoye University
  • Oduduwa University
  • Southwestern University
  • Obong University

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