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TestArea may take time to load necessary data if you are a first time user.

Instructions for admission seekers:

  • If you are seeking for admission, you can practice for JAMB and other Olevel OBJ
  • You can restart or retake subjects, stop and continue from where you left off any time. If you can aim to score 100% on TestArea in the subject of your choice, JAMB and Olevel OBJ will be hassle-free
  • You can also time youself

Instructions for TestArea to Cashout.
  • Once you start, you cannot restart the subject until timeup.
  • You cannot reload the page. If, you do, you will be disqualified automatically
  • Only those that score above 80% and amongst the first top 3 will get paid ₦5,000 each
  • TestArea commence 12AM, 3rd friday of every month except otherwise stated.

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