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Hi there!

Are you a student or teacher looking for extra cash? I’ve got exciting news for you!

I create educational tools to help students excel. But, I also offer a way for you to earn money. It’s simple – take part in rewarding activities.

Make Money by Inviting Others: Once you sign up on our site, you become an affiliate. This means you can earn by inviting friends to make use of our edu apps. When a friend signs up, you get half their registration fee. Easy, right? Just share your unique affiliate URL with friends. You can track your earnings and clicks in your dashboard.

How do I invite you? It’s easy! On your dashboard, you will see an Affiliate URL. Click on it and locate the Referral URL. This URL is unique to only you. Copy it and share it with friends. You can also earn when you use the share button link. You can use the statistics menu on the dashboard to know how many people are clicking on your link and how many registered.

Earn by Submitting Course Queries: Help us improve our course database. If you notice a missing course/institution, report it. If we approve your report, you earn ₦100. We compensate you by topping up your purse balance. Plus, join our monthly quiz for a chance to win more (coming soon).

Easy Withdrawals: Earned 3k or more? Withdraw your money easily. Just click the withdrawal button, enter your bank details, and get paid within 72 hours. Remember, this withdrawal option is only visible if you have referral earnings up to 3k or more.

Learn more about affiliates here!